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CARENCE - Fish hydrolyzate mix 2-3-0 *New* 1L
Growth supplement
Made in Canada, the fish hydrolyzate mix is derived from the recovery of residual materials from cold-hydrolysed wild fish in order to conserve the maximum amount of biostimulants. It is used as a liquid fertilizer to nourish plants and soil micro-organisms.
- Stimulate microorganisms;
- Helps to increase soil fertility;
- Ideal for adress deficiency quickly;
- Filtered 2x. concentrated solution rather homogeneous.

Instruction / Application rate:

Shake well before using.

Foliar and/or soil application: Dilution 10ml/L

Repeat the application every 2 to 3 weeks.

Use in addition with your CARENCE's fertilisation program.

*Storage between 8 to 30o C in the shelter of the sun.

Can be mixed with other fertilizers. If needed, adjust the pH range between 5,7 and 6,8.

Warning! Keep away from kids. Do not swallow.